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You have just received a present wrapped in the Sac à Cadeaux (Gift’s Bag).


While the present is for you to keep, the Gift’s Bag is to be reused for someone else’s you would like to give a present to. The bag will therefore travel from gift to gift.


The idea is very simple:

 As soon as you want to send someone a gift, instead of wrapping it in paper gift wrap, you can place it in the Gift’s Bag.  All you need to do is to fill up the record card which can be found in the bag pocket (write your name and city; the name and city of the recipient and the numbers of Kilometers the bag has travelled).


The Gift’s Bag can be used for various occasions: Birthday, Get well, Christmas, Thinking of you, Baby birth, etc...


It can be given in person, sent by mail or by any other means.


A Blog (http://le-voyage-du-sac-a-cadeaux.over-blog.com/) is at the disposal of the person which received the Gift’s Bag so they can enter their comments (eg: what present did you get, what will be placed in it on the next voyage, where will it be going, any anecdotes…)


To enter your comments at the right place, all you have to do is to find the name or number of your bag within the group list (every Gift’s Bag has its own name and number).


You can also send me some pictures of the presents and Gift’s Bag that you received. I will place them on the blog.

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